It’s been one helluva day but I have some awesome news

I had one helluva day yesterday. My Dad and I spent the whole day working on the front steps. Originally, we were going to build over top of the prefab concrete steps that were preexisting. This was because we thought the concrete was much thicker than it really was.

I was actually able to demolish the entire concrete staircase …

I pretty excited about today because I’m allowed to be

I’m pretty stoked about today because my Dad and I are going to be replacing the stairs that lead up to our front porch.  The stairs that are seen in the picture below, have been deemed hazardous by my insurance company and we will lose our homeowners if they aren’t replaced immediately.

We have to replace the stairs and the handrail that …

I’ve got an interesting little project I’m trying to put together

I came across this idea a few days ago and it’s something I can do with my kids. While we’re out hunting Pokémon today, I’m going to try and collect some of the things I need for this little project.  

I’ve been excited about this since I first came across this online. Unfortunately, I can’t find the site or video …

Doing the right thing feels awful sometimes

Emmett had a horrible morning.  Both he and Elliott got up at 4am and played Sorry until it was time to get ready for school.

Elliott was very cooperative but Emmett was having a very rough morning. 

I don’t know what’s going on with him but he’s spiraling down and it’s very painful to watch. 

Emmett tried everything he could to …

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