Because it needs to be said

Because it needs to be said

So we had a really emotional therapy session tonight. We’re talking the kind that of emotional that leaves you exhausted the following day. I can already feel the emotional hangover coming.

Tonight was all about the divorce related issues the kids are struggling with. Their mom was there and while it was very emotionally charged, it really did serve a purpose and I hope it helps to promote healing for the kids.

I’m very upfront and honest when I say that I do not agree with anything she’s done or any of the decisions she’s made. I stand by that. At the same time. She’s the mother of my children and that will never change. I’m trying to help the kids see this in something other than black and white but they’re sorta wired that way. Franky, she’s wired the same way.

I told the kids tonight that I understand they have been hurt and their lives turned upside down, but they need to remember that no matter what has happened, she will always be their mother. I don’t agree with her choices but I will never doubt how much she loves them. I’m trying to help them see that this isn’t an all or nothing kind of thing.

I went further to explain that even though I’m hurt, mommy will always be my hero. Without her, they wouldn’t exist.

She’s sacrificed so much just to make sure they were born. Both pregnancies were extremely complicated and she spent 90% of both on complete bedrest. There were times that her life was in danger as well and she never gave up. Elliott was a premie and spent about 10 days in the NICU. You couldn’t drag her away from his incubator the entire time he was there. Both Elliott and Emmett are here today because of how much she loves them and how hard she fought to keep them safe. Nothing that has transpired since can undo that.

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Curtis G.

Even going through the emotional pain you are dealing with, you still find it within yourself to be a fair man and not let negative emotions define who you are as a person. Very commendable and shows your great character as a human being. Also, more credit to Emmett and also to Gavin And Elliot for being there for you and helping out in the house and with your life, even with the emotional feelings and sometimes frustration that often accompanies autism. What people who don’t walk in our shoes sometimes don’t understand is that what some non autistic caretaker parents see as small milestones in their children are huge milestones in ours when they accomplish something that we may have never expected them to accomplish. As always, good luck and fortune and continued better times for you and your sons.

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