It’s gonna be a huge day for Elliott

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On Monday, July 17th, Elliott will finally be getting back into occupational therapy. He’s been on the wait list for over a year and was originally scheduled at the beginning of the month but the OT needed to reschedule. 

I’m not entirely sure who’s more excited, me or Elliott. lol

He really needs this. I hope it helps him to gain strength, build coordination, and confidence. When Elliott has first evaluated a few years ago, they said he had the worst muscle tone they’d ever seen. I can’t say I disagree because his joints are extremely loose. 

Loose joints aren’t something that can be fixed. The only thing you can do is strengthen the surrounding muscles, so they can aid in compensation. 

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I think I may take Elliott by myself, and have Lizze hang out at home with the other two boys. As excited as Elliott is, he’s also very nervous. Having his brothers there staring at him, would likely not go over too well. 

This appointment is a re-evaluation because he’s been on the list for so long. After this evaluation, they’ll decide what he needs and how often he needs it. I’ve no idea how long the wait is for an actual appointment after this. 

It’s been really frustrating that this has taken this long. Unfortunately, there’s a major shortage of occupational and physical therapists in our area. 

Despite the wait, I’m so grateful that he will finally get back into OT.