I’m so excited for occupational therapy today

I’m so excited for occupational therapy today

It’s been quite a bit of time since his last session, but Elliott returns to occupational therapy Monday afternoon. His last appointment was before we left for Florida and because he’s been sick or the therapist was out, we just haven’t connected.

At this point, all signs are go for his return and it couldn’t come soon enough. He desperately needs occupational therapy.

He needs the physical outlet, strength training and coordination building that goes on at this fabulous therapy session. Even better, he doesn’t have to miss any school for this either. I’ll pick him up after school, drop Emmett off at home and head to Akron Children’s Hospital for his 45 minute session.

It’s been about 2 month since his last session so I fully expect him to be nervous about going.

He should warm up quickly and end up having fun while getting a much needed workout. ☺

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