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Holding My Breath: Getting ready for a significant change in Emmett’s routine

This will be the last week of normal routine before everything changes.

I’m holding my breath and bracing for a significant change to Emmett’s routine this week

All you have to say is “routine change” and an Autism parent will quiver in fear. Routine change is like a four letter word in this community and I’m bracing for a major routine change in Emmett’s life this week…..

CHECK OUT THE PICTURES: Have you ever wondered what happens in occupational and physical therapies for kids with #Autism?

You always hear about things like occupational and/or physical therapies for kids with Autism but do you know what happens in these therapies? Check out the pictures below and see just how awesome it is.

Gavin kick major booty in physical therapy today

Here’s an update on Gavin’s physical therapy

Is it just me or is this a bit of independence

As Autism parents, we see the value and importance of the little things in life, that many others might take for granted…

This is an example of of something that shouldn’t be overlooked or underappreciated..

Here’s some pictures from Emmett’s occupational and physical therapy appointments this week

Check out some pictures from Emmett’s OT and PT this week. He’s been doing pretty awesome.. ☺

I’m so proud of Gavin :)

Gavin’s come a very long way over the last year and a half and I wanted to tell you about his latest progress

Gavin had his first official Physical Therapy session

Gavin has more of an adult frame and he’s very weak. For right now, they’re working in strength training and Gavin seems to really like it.