Holding My Breath: Getting ready for a significant change in Emmett’s routine

This week should be relatively blah kinda week.  We’re coming down to the end of the school year, much faster than I’m prepared for.  Along with the end of the school year, comes changes in routine and there’s no way around it.… Read More

I’m holding my breath and bracing for a significant change to Emmett’s routine this week

I’m bracing for a pretty significant change to Emmett’s routine this week.  If I were to pick one of my kids to deal with a major change to routine, Emmett would the very last I would pick because he will either do really well or it will be a complete disaster. 

As I’m writing this, it also occurred to me that we still have time change to contend with as well..… Read More

CHECK OUT THE PICTURES: Have you ever wondered what happens in occupational and physical therapies for kids with #Autism?

You always hear about things like occupational and/or physical therapies for kids with Autism but do you know what happens in these therapies? Check out the pictures below and see just how awesome it is.… Read More

Gavin kick major booty in physical therapy today

Gavin’s therapy went really well once again. He got a good workout in and feels really good.   Most of his physical therapy revolves around balance and strength training. 

According to his therapist, he’s made a lot of progress in a relatively short amount to of time. 

This is a very positive thing and I’m early proud of him….… Read More

Is it just me or is this a bit of independence

Gavin did awesome at physical therapy today, once again.  This isn’t a surprise but he does deserve to be recognized for his continued efforts. 

I also learned that he’s already met half of his goals and did so in only 7 appointments..… Read More

Here’s some pictures from Emmett’s occupational and physical therapy appointments this week

Emmett’s been kicking butt and taking names while at OT/PT.  It’s been awhile since I shared any pictures, so I thought I’d fix that tonight.. 


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