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This isn’t good

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I spoke previously about Gavin changing the way he takes his medication. I also shared how we suspect that the voices in his head are the ones telling him to do this because it wasn’t us (see As if life wasn’t already hard enough, it seems the voices are back)…. Read more »

As if life wasn’t already hard enough, it seems the voices are back

Last night, Gavin came downstairs after being in bed for a couple of hours, mumbling something about a glass of water and claiming to be wheezing. He was heavily sedated and that’s not necessarily normal for him. With no changes having been made to his meds, there shouldn’t be any… Read more »

Sadly, he’s hearing voices again

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Gavin had a pretty good day, at least physically. On his first full day of being an adult, he spent a large part of it hearing voices. Gavin’s was officially diagnosed with Schizophrenia a few years ago. This is far from the first time Gavin’s heard voices. In fact, he… Read more »

Is this a new hallucination or just a dream?

Gavin’s been doing okay as far as his Schizophrenia is concerned. We see the obvious symptoms every single day because they’ve never been completely controlled. Thankfully, Gavin’s hallucinations are not as dark as they used to be and they used to be really dark. I never know what to think… Read more »

It’s not easy raising a #Schizophrenic teenager with #Autism

We had to temporarily restrict access to the kids Nerf guns as a result of them getting to carried away. They had been shooting each other in the face and that broke a major safety rule. Gavin just came downstairs and asked if he could have his Nerf gun back… Read more »

Should I worry about this, because I don’t know

Gavin and I went to get the damages to the car looked at today. Incidentally, there was over $1,500.00 in damages because some asshole felt the need to fuck with our car. That’s really frustrating but at the end of the day, the car is a thing and what I’m… Read more »

Major Gavin Update: Clozapine change

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You may remember that we began reducing the amount of Clozapine he’s taking to manage the symptoms of Schizophrenia. Due to negative side effects that involve serious issues with his blood, we are reducing the dosage. Before we left for Florida, we worked with Dr. Reynolds to move Gavin from… Read more »