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It’s not easy raising a child with #schizophrenia

Coexisting with a person who has Schizophrenia can be a very difficult, frustrating, painful, heartbreaking and confusing experience. It’s even harder when that person is one of your children and there’s not much you can do to help them.

He’s still hearing voices he doesn’t recognize

Despite everything that’s currently causing me distress, I feel like I’m actually doing pretty good. All things considered, I’m in a decent mood and that’s half the battle sometimes. ☺ Gavin is in a good mood this morning as well. Unfortunately, he’s also continuing to struggle at the same time…. Read more »

The big reason I’m really frustrated with Gavin right now

I’m going to make this quick because I need to go to bed. The big reason I’m really frustrated with Gavin right now is very simple but also extremely complicated, all at the same time. Ever since Gavin began going on missions as a result of his Schizophrenic hallucinations, there… Read more »

Talking with a #Schizophrenic Part 2

In Part 2 of Talking with a Schizophrenic, Gavin details his latest mission to save the timeline from his evil self. It’s very important to understand that this is not an issue of an overactive imagination. If you missed Part 1, you can find that here. In Gavin’s mind, these… Read more »

Talking with a #Schizophrenic Part 1

In this video, I listen to my son with both Autism and Schizophrenia, tell me about a mission he must go on to save the universe. This is typically the nature of his Schizophrenic hallucinations. This is NOT his imagination. This is how Schizophrenia impacts his life. The purpose of… Read more »

I’m worried Gavin’s becoming paronoid

Something Gavin brought up during his visit with Dr. Moodley in Pediatric Neurology, had nothing to do with why he was there. Dr. Moodley was trying to involve Gavin in as much of his health care as was possible. Clearly it’s not possible but I like that he tried anyway…. Read more »

Schizophrenia in Real-Life: How we’re addressing the voices

I wanted to take a few minutes and update you on Gavin’s current status. We’ve been dealing with the return of voices and they’ve been instructing him to change the way he takes his meds. We spoke to his psychologist and here’s what’s going on. Please be sure to subscribe… Read more »