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Heartbreaking: We do what we must for those that we love

I’m way behind on this update, but life has been getting in the way of writing. That said, what better time than the present to get everyone caught up. This particular update is in regards to Gavin and Wednesday night therapy. I had mentioned that he was chomping at the… Read more »

Code Z

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Another day, another psychotic episode. Last night, Gavin came running into the living room and was visibly upset. He began nervously pacing back and forth before blurting out code z. I wasn’t paying close attention to what he was saying because he’s psychotic and saying all kinds of crazy things…. Read more »

We’re becoming more concerned

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This will be quick because I’m exhausted. I have a call into Gavin’s psychiatrist because we learned that Gavin is waking up in the middle of the night to go on missions. This is very concerning because the last time we dealt with this, he was dealing with a voice… Read more »

Something is very very wrong

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We had kind of a weird night last night. I was being interviewed on a podcast called, Daddy Unscripted and it went on for much longer than was initially planned. It was a fantastic conversation and one that I can’t wait to share. By the time I was done, I… Read more »

Watching my son come unglued is awful

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It’s been a weird day, filled with Gavin related challenges. Lizze and I spoke at length this morning, and we both feel like Gavin is coming unglued. That’s not meant in a derogatory way. We’re both freaked out a little bit because there was serious doubt that the Clozapine was… Read more »

It’s heartbreaking and a bit scary

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The boys had a great day at school today, and in the way home, we stopped to visit my grandmother. We had a short visit before returning home blah blah blah. Not to downplay the significance of the above paragraph but what I want to focus on tonight is what… Read more »

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