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We could use your thoughts and prayers today

My family is battling enough but now we are adding to it the fact that our beloved dog Maggie, is going in for surgery this morning to remove what is very likely a cancerous tumor on her right leg.  I’ve explained to the boys what’s going on, without mentioning cancer. They don’t need to carry …

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I could use some thoughts and prayers please 

It’s going to be a really challenging day. I’ve got about 3 hours of driving to do, in order to get both Elliott and Gavin to the immunologist in the morning.   Between Elliott’s anxiety and Gavin’s having to stop every few minutes to use the bathroom, my patience will be tested.     I’m actually …

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Maggie’s got cyst like growths popping up

Maggie is our 10 year old English Staffy/Boxer mix. She’s been one of the best decisions we ever made for our family. While Bella was loved and missed when she had to be rehomed, if anything happened to Maggie, it would be devastating.. While brushing Maggie this afternoon, I discovered several lumps under her skin.  …

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The kids have been dropped off and we are on our way to battle insane traffic (for Ohio anyway) on our way to The Cleveland Clinic.  Thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.     

I really need thoughts and prayers today folks

It’s going to be a really, really busy day.  The boys will be with my Mom for the day, while Gavin and I make our way to the Cleveland Clinic. This appointment is the first of its kind for Gavin and so I’m really nervous. We will be at The Cole Eye Institute for most …

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Prayers Needed: Gavin may have Jalili Syndrome 

The video below will provide more details but if you just want to know what’s going on, here’s the deal.  I received a phone call yesterday from The Cole Eye Institute. This is the premier eye center at The Cleveland Clinic. It was a genetics counselor working with one of Gavin’s precious doctors.  Gavin’s been …

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Emmett could use some thoughts and prayers tonight

Poor Emmett. He just can’t seem to catch a break anymore.  For those who aren’t aware, Emmett’s been dealing with a rear fever disorder known as PFAPA. I’m gonna let you follow the link and read about it yourself because I’m really tired and only have a few minutes.  It appeared as though Emmett had …

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Elliott cried himself to sleep tonight :(

Poor Elliott’s heart was broken again tonight. 😔 The boys had therapy tonight with Dr. Pattie. When we got home, Elliott found what would turn out to be a baby squirrel. In fact, there would be a total of 4 newborn baby squirrels found.  Apparently, they had fallen about 40 feet out of the nest …

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