I want to share something positive from yesterday

I want to share something positive from yesterday

I forgot to share a really positive moment from yesterday. My brain isn’t firing on all cylinders at the moment. So please forgive me.

Mr. Emmett really, really, really likes watching Bob’s Burgers. I enjoy Bob’s Burgers as well but not so much that I can watch it nonstop. I was trying to get Emmett to unplug yesterday and he did, but he spent the entire time stressing out because he couldn’t figure out what he wanted to do. Nothing I suggested sounded good to him. He became very, very anxious.

Emmett is a big snuggler and I’ve never been one to shy away from snuggles, so I had an idea..

Maybe he would want to snuggle while watching Bob’s Burgers. That would sorta be the best of both worlds. Honestly, I miss snuggling my kids. It’s such an amazing experience for me as a father, and we don’t do it enough. He liked the idea.

We snuggled for a couple episodes before I needed to get some more work done. It was really nice and it helped to calm Emmett’s anxiety down. At the same time it helped me feel a bit closer to my son. In my book, that’s a total victory. 😊❤️

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Definitely on the plus side!

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