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The simple, practical, and powerful reasons we chose to #vaccinate

While I will never tell someone else what to do with their child, as I would hope no one would do to us, I will share why we’ve chosen to vaccinate our kids. My wife and I decided very early on, that we were going to vaccinate our kids. We both have had all of …

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#Autism, #Vaccines and the doctors appointment from HELL

I didn’t think this appointment was going to be a huge deal. I thought it was a well/medication check, and I was right. Unfortunately, part of the good check meant two vaccines for Elliott and ear flushing for Emmett. Truthfully, the appointment was a nightmare before we even knew there would be shots or flushing. …

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Watch John Oliver’s powerful and informative advice on #vaccines

Watch the brave John Oliver’s powerful advice on #vaccinesI’m a huge fan of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. Not only is he funny, but he takes on real life topics and does so in a way that presents the facts. He’s brought about actual change as a result of some of the topics he’s taken on. …

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Another reason why the #vaccine and #Autism debate is ridiculous

So here’s a controversial topic but something I think we should all think about

The boys just got home from their visit

The boys have arrived home from another visit with their Mom and Grandparents. Here’s how it’s going so far…..

Here’s how the flu shots went this morning

As I mentioned earlier today, the boys were getting their flu shots this morning. I firmly believe in the value of the flu shot, when they don’t screw up the strain of course. Here’s how it went…..

Why it’s so important the boys get their flu shots this morning

“……….There’s a misconception that the flu is no big deal and in many cases that can be somewhat true. As a former paramedic, I’ve seen first hand how dangerous it can really be……….” Read More

Let’s just kill the #vaccine debate and focus on more important things

Let’s just kill the #vaccine debate and focus on more important things