Let’s just kill the #vaccine debate and focus on more important things

I really try to be open minded towards people of differing opinions but it’s getting harder to do that…

With the recent news that Autism statistics are now more in line with 1/45 kids being diagnosed, I’ve seen anti-vaccine movement reving up to climb all up and down those numbers. 

I believe in and support the vaccination of our children. 

My kids are vaccinated and so am I.. 

Nothing in life is ever 100% except for the fact that someday, we will all pass on to whatever comes after this life. 

The vaccine debate is pointless and really doesn’t hold water.  In fact, it’s even becoming harmful. 

It’s estimated that 1% of the world is Autistic and yet each year, 85% of the world’s children receive vaccines…. It would seem that if vaccines were the cause of Autism, there would be a much greater number of people being diagnosed. 

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Sometimes we tend to overcomplicate things because simple answers seem like they can’t possibly be right, when the reality is that sometimes it is what it is. 

Are vaccines 100% safe?  Of course not but than again, neither is our food supply, the air we breathe or simply getting out of bed in the morning. 

No one could honestly say in good conscience, that vaccines are 100% safe because that would mean that they have been tested for safety with each and every person on the planet.  It’s simply not possible. 

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That said, we can say that vaccines are overwhelmingly safe for the majority of the human population and the real life statistics support that. 

There are some people that suffer truly tragic injury as a result of their biochemistry in combination with a vaccine.  This is something that truly does happen but it’s statistically extremely rare. 

No one truly knows what causes Autism but frankly we should be spending our time and resources on the people that need help now. 

I would really like for the discussion to move to something more productive.  Something more along the lines of what can we do to improve the lives of families touched by Autism. 

We need to get more support services in place for people with Autism who need them.  We need support for our families, training for schools, education for law enforcement and something done about bullying. 

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Our time and energy is far better spent on something that will actually make an impact on real people. 

No matter how much vaccines get debated, we will never get everyone to agree.  Why are we wasting our time?

Let’s forget the vaccine debate and focus on more important or productive things..

Working together, rather than against each other, will allow for a much more positive impact on the world.