Here’s how the flu shots went this morning

As I mentioned earlier today, the boys were getting their flu shots this morning.  I firmly believe in the value of the flu shot, when they don’t screw up the strain of course.

Elliott and Gavin had to get the actual shot, while Emmett got the nasal mist. 

Elliott was really nervous but very, very cooperative.  I couldn’t be any prouder of him.  When it came time, he composed himself and received this year’s vaccine without any issues. 

Gavin of course did exemplary and that’s not a surprise. 

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Emmett did well with what I think is far worse than the actual injection. He has to snort the flu mist and that’s a bit unpleasant.


As promised, I took the boys to McDonald’s and it’s been a pretty decent January 2nd.

I’m really proud of my guys because I feel, based on my experience as a paramedic, time spent working in the ER, research and consultations with medical experts, that the flu shot is important for my family. 

With Gavin’s comprised immune system, it’s crucial for him to be vaccinated and because the flu can be deadly, it’s important for all four of us to give our bodies the best chance to fight it off. 

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Many people think the flu is no big deal and in most cases they’d be right. 

Anyone that’s experienced in emergency medicine, we will probably have a different perspective because we have seen first hand how dangerous the flu can be, especially in the elderly, young and those with compromised immune systems. 

I stand firm with my decision to protect my family and feel really good because it went so well..  ☺

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