Why it’s so important the boys get their flu shots this morning

I’m taking the boys to the pediatrician this morning.  It’s flu shot day and while I’m not particularly excited about dealing with this on my own, the boys are in a good place this morning and ready to take this on.

Of course, I’ve promised them McDonald’s afterwards and maybe that helps a bit but whatever works, right?


Emmett may be able to get the flu mist if it’s available but Elliott and Gavin have to get the shot because of their asthma. 

The flu shots are important anyway because the true flu can be very dangerous.

There’s a misconception that the flu is no big deal and in many cases that can be somewhat true. As a former paramedic, I’ve seen first hand how dangerous it can really be and the flu shot is a tool to help protect my kids and myself, as well as those around us.

In our case however, Gavin has a compromised immune system and we get the flu shots not only for ourselves but for him as well. 

Everything should go just fine this morning, so I’m not overly concerned. 

The promise of McDonald’s has everyone excited.  ☺

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