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Getting ready for our appointment with @VivintHome

Tomorrow, we’ll be seeing the return of Vivint to our home. We’re having a new camera added to the back of our house and a new alarm panel installed. When they’re done with that, they’re going to do a once over and make sure everything is up to snuff. In order to get ready for …

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Gavin’s IVIG infusion is NOT going well

Gavin’s IVIG infusion is not going well this morning. For some reason, we can’t get any flow and I’m having to force the solution through the tubing manually. It works but it’s very difficult and quite painful for a Gavin. I don’t know what’s wrong for sure, but it could be scar tissue. All I …

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(Poll) Does your child with #Autism have trouble sleeping?

Lizze and I are facing a growing challenge when it comes to putting the boys to bed at night and having them go to sleep. Elliott and Emmett went from falling asleep within about thirty minutes of laying down, to being up until midnight almost every single night. This started during Christmas break for some …

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Did you know Santa can use the @vivinthome cameras to ensure not a creature is stirring?

I wanted to take a second and share something that might benefit some of my fellow Vivint Smart Home users. Frankly, this would apply to any smart camera system but I’ve only experienced that with Vivint Home and that’s why I’m focused on that. When it comes time to ensure that the kids get to …

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Technology isn’t useful if it’s not affordable and accessible to the people who need it most

Technology is only useful when it’s affordable and accessible to the people who need it most. @vivintgivesback has done just that and made it possible for parents to have the technology they need to help keep their wandering kids with Autism safe. Please visit for more information on how we can help you, as …

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Keeping an eye on Gavin because he’s not doing well tonight

Gavin isn’t doing so well this evening. Everything was fine until an hour after he went to bed. He came downstairs in a lot of pain, feeling nauseated and convinced he was going to throw up. We told him if he thinks he needs to puke, he needs to be in the bathroom. If he …

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