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Why it’s ironic my kids are so loud

The boys are in rare form this morning. Emmett is refusing to wear clothes and Elliott won’t stop talking. There is so much needless noise, and it’s ironic because the loudest people in the house, are the ones who hate notice the most.  I would love to have some quiet… Read more »

Understanding a devastating meltdown from start to finish 

My goal with this post is to help you understand the meltdown process from start to finish. I’m hoping to reinforce that meltdowns are not behavioral problems. Meltdowns do not require discipline, and aren’t indigicitive or bad parenting or a bad child. I am using an example that happened in… Read more »

More bloodcurdling screams and massive meltdowns after midnight  

I didn’t get a chance to write much today, and there’s a good reason for that. I was up all night with both Elliott and Emmett. I don’t know why Elliott was up but it’s concerning when we’ve possibly got Bipolar disorder on the radar.  As for Emmett, he was… Read more »

URGENT: Ohio General Assembly wants to freeze Medicaid enrollment

​This is a message from the Autism Society of Greater Akron. I’m simply helping to spread the word, and drum up support. Please take a second and read this, especially if you’re in Ohio.. I fully support the Autism Society.. When they speak, we need to listen.  This week, Ohio’s… Read more »

We had a good day because believe it or not, it does happen

My family and I managed to have a pretty awesome day today. It began with an early morning trip to Chuck E Cheeses. As a result of our previous experience, their PR people sent me two family passes so we could try again.  This time around was much better.  The… Read more »

An exhausting day full of #Autism and chaos

I have lived through a day that was full of Autism. That shouldn’t be surprising, as all three of the boys, and probably the wife, is on the spectrum.  Here’s the thing.  We can get through days sometimes, and while challenging, there wasn’t really anything that made the word Autism… Read more »