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How we help our kids with #Autism adapt to change

As is the status quo for my family, we have to adjust our plans for today. Originally, the boys were going to be gone tonight but that’s been rescheduled for tomorrow. It’s not a big deal at all because we’re always so grateful for whatever help we get and sometimes things happen that require us …

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Major Update: We saw the psychiatrist today

Many things have happened today but in this entry, I want to focus on what is arguably the most pivotal.  I spoke previously about Gavin having his Lithium dose cut in half, with the potential of being totally removed in the near future. The near future has arrived and we met with Dr. Reynolds this …

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Very Important Update About Gavin

It’s been a trying day but I’ve learned one thing that I believe I can say with absolute confidence, Gavin off of Lithium is NOT a good thing.  I’m sure Lizze will put her two cents in at some point but having discussed this last night, I know she agrees. I suppose I should clarify …

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Update: This kid is driving me effing CRAZY 

I took a large part of the weekend off from writing. Things were getting stagnant for me and I think a break was in the cards. I’m feeling good and my thoughts are stringing together will less effort. Yay for the little victories… ☺  There’s one main thing to touch on tonight before I go …

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MAJOR change is coming to Gavin’s life

The appointment went pretty well with Gavin’s shrink this afternoon. It probably goes without saying that Gavin did a good job while he was there.  As I mentioned in the previous post, this was supposed to be a med check and nothing more. I also mentioned that I can never know for sure because it’s …

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