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It's been a really long night. I want to explain and at the same time, make an important announcement as well. I began my blogging journey over ten years ago with Lost and Tired. Eventually rebranded to The Autism Dad during my first separation in 2014 because I was starting a new journey. Eventually, I merged the two sites together and aside from a small gap of roughly six months, everything I've ever written is here. The missing six months happened during the merger and had to do with data corruption, if I recall correctly. During that period of time I wasn't really writing much anyway and while I wish I had everything intact, I've accepted this loss of data. When the sites were merged, I shutdown Lost and Tired.…


I’m so grateful to @Healthline :-)

I want to take a second and give my most humble thank you to healthline.com. I have been chosen as one of their Best Autism Blogs of 2017. As usual, I'm in amazing company and you can check out the complete list over at Healthline by clicking here. Thank you again for this great honor and I hope that I can continue to live up to it. :-)   Healthline  

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Emmett's having such a very hard time right now 😕 It's so easy to forget that just because a child with Autism can speak, doesn't mean they have the ability to express themselves. Emmett has a very, very advanced vocabulary but very, very limited expressive language skills. On days like today where it feels like we're living from one meltdown to the next, I'm reminded of this challenge. My sweet Emmett is not gifted in the ways of expressing his feelings or frustrations with words and indoor voices. Asking him what's wrong will not provide me with anything that can help me better understand what's bothering him. I instead have to follow the breadcrumb trail of behavioral changes and try and decode them.

Emmett’s having such a very hard time right now

Decoding my son with #Autism

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Fun at our Memorial Day family cookout My nephew brought his hover board thing to out family cook out today. Everyone was taking turns, trying not to kill themselves on it. Emmett took a turn as well and had a ton of fun...

Fun at our Memorial Day family cookout 

Here's a little random video from our weekend fun... ☺