The boys visit their Mom today and getting them ready has been a nightmare  -

The boys visit their Mom today and getting them ready has been a nightmare 

My boys don’t have school today. Some teacher in service nonsense… lol Actually, these teachers are amazing and deserve whatever break they get.  

Since there’s no school, the boys will be leaving early to go to their Grandparents house, where the visits take place.  

Elliott and Emmett have been in rare form today and I’ve gotten zero cooperation for either of them.  They’ve spent all day fighting and screaming at each other. 

Elliott’s an emotional train wreck and is simply freaking out over everything, literally.  

Emmett has been melting down on and off all day.  He’s in such a bad place that he won’t tolerate anything on his feet. There’s absolutely nothing I can do.  

I’ve tried every combination of shoes, socks, sandals or flip flops he has and he had no tolerance for any of them. 

It’s heartbreaking to see this because he’s so frustrated with himself for not being able to find anything that’s comfortable. Unfortunately, even the usual go to isn’t working and there is nothing that he will be able to wear at this point.  

Should this not resolve itself before his Grandma arrives, I’ll pack his shoes/flip flops etc and carry him to the car barefoot. The other thing may be that he just refuses to go.  

The only reason I would entertain that is because of how completely overwhelmed he is right now.  He’s not trying to get out of anything and this is outside of his control.  It’s about finding whatever provides him with the most comfort, even if that means I lose the one of the rare breaks I manage to get.  

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