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If you detect some frustration, you’re not wrong

I’ve been struggling to write as much as I’d like if under better circumstances. This last week of my life has been very challenging, and recovering from it is taking some time. We buried my grandmother a week ago today. All of us are still feeling the impact of this, but especially Emmett. As I’m …

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Sometimes I get really frustrated

Lizze and I ended up doing absolutely nothing but binge Netflix while the kids were gone. The trip with my Dad to retrieve some things for my grandma was postponed until next weekend. I’m waiting on a deposit, and until then, things are incredibly tight. There was no option to go do anything, even if …

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I was really frustrated with my kids today

I’ve not talked about this in awhile but my kids seem to not have an inside voice. This isn’t something new but it’s super annoying and unbelievably disruptive. My kids have always been this way but as they get older, it’s gotten worse. They can be standing a foot in front of me but talking …

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When your kid is talking about “master bait” and their teacher hears something else entirely

Funny story. I picked up the boys from school and both were in good moods. That’s always a good thing. I have to specifically ask them if anything happened that they need to talk about because otherwise, they will rarely raise any concerns on their own. Elliott explained that he had gotten in trouble at …

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The world just might end today

When people say things like the the world is going to end, it’s usually a religious based prediction that ultimately never comes to fruition. When I say the world just might end today, I’m referring to fact that it’s raining and trick or treat might not happen. Personally, I don’t give a shit if we …

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Did you know that many kids with #Autism lack a filter? Here’s a perfect example.

I mentioned in the previous post that we took Gavin to dinner last night cause the boys were gone and we thought it would be nice. We ended up at Chipotle grabbing burritos. Gavin does a pretty good job at ordering for himself but I stayed within earshot because like many kids on the Autism …

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