Why getting my youngest with #Autism to school is so exhausting 

Remember last night when I said that I suspected Emmett was going to have a difficult time this morning? That turned out to be the understatement of the year. 

Emmett was beside himself all morning long. Lizze and I tried forever to help him through whatever emotional hurdle was in his way but we didn’t manage to do that. 

We did however, manage to get him to agree to go with me and talk to his teachers. 

In order to further redirect his attention away from his anxieties, I picked up donuts while getting gas on our way to school.… Read More

What Gavin said that just about made my head explode

My goal with this entry is to help provide insight into one particular kind of challenge faced by parents of kids with significant cognitive impairment. 

As someone with a background in emergency medicine, I find it particularly frustrating when I need to gather medically relevant information from Gavin. 

This is a very difficult situation because Gavin is significantly cognitively impaired and is unable to provide information about how he’s feeling or doing. 

Today was a perfect example of this and it was unbelievably frustrating for me. 

Can you relate to this 1 major challenge of #Autism Parenting? 

I find it incredibly difficult to ensure that my kids with Autism maintain a balanced diet. For that matter, I have such a hard time simply getting my kids to eat anything.

We are very much a sensory oriented family and that presents many obstacles for me as a parent. The biggest being how unbelievably sensitive my two youngest are when it comes to things like texture, smell, color, presentation, shape and yes, even packaging.… Read More

1 of the most common threads amongst #Autism parents

I’m having a really hard time sleeping lately.  Even with the boys doing better at night, I still can’t seem to shut my brain off.  

It’s frustrating because I want so badly to go to sleep but I’m so used to not sleeping at night, that it’s like I need to retrain my body or reset my circadian rhythm. 

I’ve heard from other Autism parents who experience the same type of thing themselves.… Read More

Does your child with #Autism have similar sleep problems? 

Lizze and I are facing a growing challenge when it comes to putting the boys to bed at night and actually having them go to sleep.

Elliott and Emmett went from falling asleep within about thirty minutes of laying down, to being up until midnight almost every single night. This started during Christmas break for some reason and we can’t figure out why.… Read More

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