Taking my 3 #Autistic kids to the dentist

The boys did great this morning. Everyone got up without a hassle, and that's saying something for Elliott. I typically have to drag him out of bed, but he did awesome today. They all did awesome. We're going to be heading out shortly and I'm hoping that this level of cooperation continues because it makes life so much easier. I'm praying that these appointments go well. I've been working closely with the loss to brush better. I feel like they're in pretty good shape. Fingers crossed but feeling confident.


Gavin has major testing today at the @ClevelandClinic

Today is a massive day for us. Gavin will be spending the day at the Cleveland Clinic for one of the most critical appointments he's had in a very long time. Gavin will be undergoing another round of neuropsych testing. It's been many, many years since he went through this battery of testing the first time and it's long overdue. It's very difficult to get in to have this done because they were booked out so far into the future. We also had insurance issues that indefinitely delayed things as well. Click here for previous posts on neuropsych testing and why it's important. Basically, Gavin will undergo hours of psych testing today. The purpose of this is to see where he is cognitively, as well as emotionally, and compare it…

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What happened at the @ClevelandClinic last week?

I just realized I neglected to mention how Lizze's appointment with the Neurological Center for Pain at the Cleveland Clinic went. For starters, the staff was absolutely amazing. Not that it's a surprise, but it really is important to note that because we've had some truly awful experiences with other medical facilities in the past. The Cleveland Clinic, however, never disappoints. Anyway, as I had previously mentioned, Lizze needed to decide how to proceed with her migraine medication called Aimovig. Aimovig is a once a month autoinjector that is designed to help prevent migraines by blocking a protein thought to trigger migraines. Lizze has been on the lowest dose for about four months now (I believe) and she hasn't really noticed any improvement. If she didn't have use of her…