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This sums up our trip to the @ClevelandClinic today

It’s been an incredibly long day, and I’m exhausted. For those tardy to the party, Gavin and I spent the day with our friends at the Cleveland Clinic. He was undergoing neuropsych testing. The purpose was to benchmark his level of function across several categories and compare to his baseline… Read more »

UPDATE: A little bit about the neuropsychological testing and how things are going so far

I don’t know if you’re familiar with neuropsych testing, but here it is in a nutshell. According to my friends at the Cleveland Clinic, “a neuropsychological evaluation is a test to measure how well a person’s brain is working. The abilities tested include reading, speaking, understanding, paying attention, and remembering.”… Read more »

It’s going to be an incredibly long day and I’m already exhausted

I’m feeling incredibly overwhelmed right now. We made it to the Cleveland Clinic without any problems other than a minor detour. Gavin is checked in, and we’re waiting our turn. The paperwork was a bit overwhelming because of Gavin’s history being so extensive. It’s a lot of information to squeeze… Read more »

It’s total chaos this morning

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Today has turned into chaos. I had everything planned out, and we were going to be dropping the boys off at Lizze’s parents before high tailing it to the Cleveland Clinic for Gavin’s long afternoon of testing. Unfortunately, Lizze woke up super early this morning and was in excruciating pain…. Read more »

Gavin has major testing today at the @ClevelandClinic

Today is a massive day for us. Gavin will be spending the day at the Cleveland Clinic for one of the most critical appointments he’s had in a very long time. Gavin will be undergoing another round of neuropsych testing. It’s been many, many years since he went through this… Read more »