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Praying the @clevelandclinic can help my wife

Lizze and I made it to the Cleveland Clinic’s Neurological Center for Pain. We actually made it 10 minutes early and considering traffic, that’s a miracle. Lizze and I have set a goal to find at least some answers but also some relief from her constant, crippling pain. We need… Read more »

Helplessly watching as my wife suffers is absolutely awful

Lizze is in rough shape today. This migraine is relentless and you can see that it’s taking its toll on her. She’s absolutely miserable and there’s nothing I can do to help her. It’s so bad she can’t be touched. There’s not anything I can do but get her to… Read more »

How the @clevelandclinic gave us hope

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It’s been a couple of days and I’ve still not gotten around to updating you on Lizze’s appointment at the Cleveland Clinic. As a quick reminder, she was at the Neurological Center for Pain, seeking help for her migraines. Lizze went into this appointment with very, very low expectations because… Read more »

At the @clevelandclinic Neurological Center for Pain hoping for a miracle

Lizze and I have safely arrived at the Cleveland Clinic’s, Neurological Center for Pain. She really scared that they won’t be able to help her. She hasn’t been in – nor does she want to go on pain medication. She want the pain to stop, not just be masked. We… Read more »