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I want to share some good news

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I’ve been living at my grandmother’s nursing home for the last couple of days. My brain is completely fried, and I’m exhausted beyond belief. While I was here yesterday, Lizze got word back from her neurologist about the results of her recent MRI that was done on her brain. Her… Read more »

What happened at the @ClevelandClinic last week?

I just realized I neglected to mention how Lizze’s appointment with the Neurological Center for Pain at the Cleveland Clinic went. For starters, the staff was absolutely amazing. Not that it’s a surprise, but it really is important to note that because we’ve had some truly awful experiences with other… Read more »

Is this the whitest building ever?

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We’ve made it to the illustrious Neurological Center for Pain at the always amazing Cleveland Clinic. If you ever visit here, you find yourself in the whitest building ever. Literally, everything is white. The walls, ceiling, floors, doors, cabinets, etc. It makes everything very bright. There’s a specific reason for… Read more »

My wife has a difficult decision to make today

The boys got off to school in a good mood. I’ve got to say that was a significant accomplishment, and I definitely needed my walk this morning because I was frazzled. I will be spending the afternoon at the Cleveland Clinic with my amazing wife. She has a follow-up with… Read more »

Why we almost didn’t make it to the @ClevelandClinic today

I’m absolutely exhausted but I wanted to deliver a super quick and dirty update. Lizze had her 3rd headache infusion at the Cleveland Clinic today. We almost didn’t make it because traffic was absolutely insane. When I say insane I mean insane. It was literally bumper to bumper traffic for… Read more »

We’re leaving for Lizze’s 4th and final headache infusion this morning

We’re preparing to make the trip back to the Cleveland Clinic’s Neurological Center for Pain once again today. This time it will be for Lizze’s final headache infusion. There’s a really good chance that she will walk out today with her pain having been cut in half for the first… Read more »

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