When you learn that your son qualifies for Make a Wish

I excited a phone call today from Gavin’s amazing immunologist.  She called for two reasons,  the first being his latest lab results. 

As for the labs, everything looks pretty good but some of his immunoglobulins were low but not low enough to require a dosage change.… Read More

Here’s some really good news

I really love to share the good news when I have it because it sorta counter balances the rest of my life or at least the perception of what my life is like. 

Today’s been pretty damn good. 

The boys went off to school relatively easily and Emmett didn’t struggle as much this morning. 


Everyone went to school willingly and I was even able to walk this morning as well.… Read More

I’ve put myself in timeout

Let me just say that’s it’s been a really long day. I’ve been nonstop since about 7am and I’m ready to collapse.  😴

The boys have had dinner and I have them winding down in the living room,  watching a relaxing movie.  I know it’s contrary to the changes I’m trying to make but it’s a necessary evil tonight. 


My head is pounding and my stress level is through the roof right now. 

I’ve put myself in timeout because Ive reached a point where I’m physically shaking from the stress. 

My room is dark and I’m writing this in relative peace and quiet.  😏

Emmett started the day off with a meltdown and sorta ended the day in the say way.  He’s really struggling right now and the screaming is just killing me. 

On the positive side,  he can be somewhat comforted but it’s just exhausting for everyone. 

I don’t need to explain to most of you how meltdowns can take their toll.. 

Anyway, I’m determined to end the day on a positive note.  As soon as I figure that out,  I’ll let you know.  lol

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