When you learn that your son qualifies for Make a Wish

I excited a phone call today from Gavin’s amazing immunologist.  She called for two reasons,  the first being his latest lab results. 

As for the …

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Here’s some really good news

I really love to share the good news when I have it because it sorta counter balances the rest of my life or at least the …

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I accomplished my main goal for yesterday

Please note that this post should ha e published on Monday. 

When I woke up yesterday morning,  I was feeling pretty motivated to accomplish things …

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I’m slipping and my depression has been gaining traction

I don’t seem to be doing so well at the moment.  I’m not sure sure if there’s any one thing to blame or if it’s a …

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I’ve put myself in timeout

Let me just say that’s it’s been a really long day. I’ve been nonstop since about 7am and I’m ready to collapse.  😴

The boys have …

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It’s been a really long afternoon for this #Autism Dad

We made it home from the Cleveland Clinic,  just in time to pick up Elliott and Emmett at Akron Children’s Hospital. 

My Mom was kind enough …

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We finally made it to the Cleveland Clinic

It’s been a really rough morning.  After getting the boys off to school, Gavin and I packed up and we’re off to the Cleveland Clinic for …

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