I’ve put myself in timeout

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Let me just say that’s it’s been a really long day. I’ve been nonstop since about 7am and I’m ready to collapse. 

The boys have had dinner and I have them winding down in the living room,  watching a relaxing movie.  I know it’s contrary to the changes I’m trying to make but it’s a necessary evil tonight.


My head is pounding and my stress level is through the roof right now.

I’ve put myself in timeout because I’ve reached a point where I’m physically shaking from the stress.

My room is dark and I’m writing this in relative peace and quiet. 

Emmett started the day off with a meltdown and sorta ended the day in the say way.  He’s really struggling right now and the screaming is just killing me.

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On the positive side,  he can be somewhat comforted but it’s just exhausting for everyone.

I don’t need to explain to most of you how meltdowns can take their toll..

Anyway, I’m determined to end the day on a positive note.  As soon as I figure that out,  I’ll let you know.  lol