Why does my son with #autism refuse to go to school?

Totally not trying to be a negative Nancy but today has already been a nightmare.

Emmett once again refused to go to school because he wasn’t feeling well. This morning was one massive meltdown, that still has me know edge. 

I haven’t a clue what’s behind this, aside from anxiety.


Emmett is a very anxious kids by nature and it makes sense that if he’s upset or anxious about something, that he would get a tummy ache.

I’m at a total loss. 

I talked to his teacher yesterday and she’s doing everything she can to reassure him that she’s there to help him during the day and that schools a safe place. 

Once he’s there,  he does just fine but it’s getting him there that’s the problem. 

Read This  My whole day hinges on Emmett returning to school today

He’s not making this up and he’s genuinely in distress,  so this isn’t just a get out of school kinda thing. 

I truly hate the idea of forcing him because he then feels like I don’t believe him and his anxiety skyrockets.

At the same time,  I can’t keep him home everyday.

I’ve made sure that nothing was going on at school that was a problem.  Everyone loves Emmett and there’s no bullying of any kind.

I don’t think he understands why he’s not feeling good and this is just as hard on him as it is for me. .  😦