I’m absolutely frazzled today

I’m absolutely frazzled today

I’m feeling pretty frazzled today. It’s been nonstop this morning and I’m was up with Emmett last night again. Unfortunately, I’m allowing this enormous amount of stress to throw off my getting healthier plans so far. I totally own that and I’m really trying to stay motivated but it’s a struggle.

On the positive side, I’m still tracking what I eat and making better choices in that regard but the workout part is not going so well.

With school starting tomorrow, my hope is that I can find the strength to give myself the needed push when I’m not neck deep in everything surrounding the kids. It’s so exhausting and it’s been a long break. 
I’ve had several things come up that have me preoccupied and stressed out as well.

They’re all things I have no control over at the moment and that is what is so frustrating for me. I’m a fixer and when I see a problem, I want to immediately fix it. Sometimes it just can’t work out that way and that’s stressful for me.

I’m also struggling with Gavin again today but that’s for another post. I only mention that here because it’s a huge part of this overwhelming feeling I’m trying to cope with or manage.

I still remain hopeful that the day will be getting better. Either way, I’m going to continue trying to make the best of it.

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