#Autism Parenting Exhaustion 

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I’ve been dragging a little bit lately. Honestly, I feel completely spent, like all the life has been drained from my body. My diet and exercise journey has suffered as a result.

The problem is probably more complicated than this, but I’m very sleep deprived.

Even when the boys are gone for the night, my sleep patterns are still messed up. Almost every single night, one or both of the boys have a problem in the sleep department that requires me to either wake up or not go to sleep yet.

Some may read this post and hear only excuses for my lack of discipline. Others who live a life similar to mine will better understand where I’m coming from.

It’s difficult to function when you didn’t sleep well the night before. When it comes to Autism parents, though, it can be even more difficult to function because they haven’t slept well for extensive periods of time.  We’re not dealing with a bad night; we’re dealing with chronic sleep deprivation.

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