Bad News news to share about Gavin

I’ve been putting off a really important update recently because I’m still processing some of it, at least I’m trying to. 

During our last meeting (this past Tuesday) with Dr. Pattie, Gavin did another mission debriefing. This debriefing was a little different because we learned something new about the status of his current psychosis. 

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After talking about all the adventures he had gone on since the last debriefing, I began asking him questions about what he was saying, in an attempt gain a bit more insight. 

These questions led to a much better understanding of where he currently resides, psychologically and emotionally. 

It turns out that Gavin’s hallucinations are actually getting worse. 

There used to be a portal he had to walk through in order to be transfered from his bedroom to base. Base is where all his invisible friends reside and his adventures begin. 

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Unfortunately, it seems the portal has changed because now he doesn’t have to use it. Whenever he’s in his room, he’s immediately transferred to this other Universe or reality. 

Basically, the already blurred lines between hallucinations and reality have become more blurred. This isn’t a good thing because we’re pretty much out of medication options. While I know this a bad thing, I don’t know just how bad it actually is.  


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