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When Schools Are Closed (feat. Matthew Boulay) S3E23

When Schools Are Closed

When Schools Are Closed (feat. Matthew Boulay) In this episode, I speak with Matthew Boulay about education in the advent of COVID19, as well as the importance of summer learning. We talk about his new book “When Schools are Closed: A Guide for parents to discover the extraordinary power of summer learning in the era …

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Parenting breaks are bittersweet for me

I fully intended to publish this last night and I didn’t. The boys are already at their moms and I’m publishing this now because better late than never. ☺ The boys are so excited because they are seeing their mom in the morning. I’m dropping them off and picking them back up on Sunday. They’ve …

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Life is rough and I’m struggling with #depression

I know that I talk about the bad days quite a bit and that can be depressing to read. There are so many factors that go into writing about my experience and generally, I err on the side of transparency. My intention is not to be depressing but rather to be open about my Depression. …

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Why we all need a bit of downtime

If you’re a busy parent, life can feel like one endless series of problems to solve. Some people can just plow straight through, dealing with all the issues as they arise. Others, however, get burned out. And that’s when the real trouble starts. Getting downtime is vital for several reasons. But, as with so many …

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#Anxiety + #Autism = No Bueno

The kids are incredibly anxious today. If you’re familiar with autism in young children, you know how difficult anxiety can be for them to cope with. The kids are still on edge from this weekends firework assault on our neighborhood. They’re also anxious because they’re so excited about seeing their mom on Friday. Factor in …

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I’m so tired of people not thinking about the impact their actions have on others

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday weekend. I’m exhausted and going to bed but I wanted to share with you all how our weekend went. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already have already see this. Rather than go through the crazy story all over again, I though I would just …

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