#Autism and Issues with Sleep are Killing Me

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This is going to be very short and to the point.  I’m fucking exhausted. Both Elliott and Emmett are awake and show no signs of slowing down. It’s currently 2 am and my body just wants to shutdown. 

Elliott’s not been sleeping well at all since the bullying thing started up again. It may just be coincidence but that’s just when this particular sleep issue began. 

Emmett was actually sleeping until he woke up at midnight to use the bathroom and realized Elliott was awake.  

I basically had a choice of making them go to their rooms and try to sleep, while I did the same or just cut my losses and move to the living room. 

I chose the later because it had the best chance of sleep. 

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Elliott and I are on the couches and Emmett’s on his ginormous beanbag. 

I managed to get them laying down but they are having a helluva hard time falling asleep. Thank God they don’t have school in the morning.