Why I sent my #specialneeds son to his room

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It’s been one of those days were Gavin being Gavin has really been challenging for me. It’s not his fault and I’m not angry with him at all but I am frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed. 

The issue for me is that he’s not functioning at a very high level today and he’s creating more work for me as a result. I’m having to constantly chase after him, keep him from hurting himself in accident and the repetition.. OMG the repetition.. 

Some of you will understand that statement, some of you will be empathetic and others will think I’m putting Gavin down. The reality is that I’m voicing my frustrations over a situation I’m currently existing in. Speaking about my feelings, has absolutely no impact on whether or not I love my son. 

What it does do is show I’m human and that I feel it’s okay to experience these feelings, without guilt. 

The truth is, I actually had to send Gavin to his room for a little bit because I needed a break. I would have gladly sent myself to time-out but Lizze was sleeping and the other two boys were downstairs. 

There’s nothing wrong with sending him to his room. It’s not a punishment and it’s not going to kill him either. It’s just some downtime for both of us and that’s really important when either one of us becomes frustrated. 

Gavin has many physical and emotional health issues but that doesn’t mean I have to always have patience. I’m human and there are simply times I need a break. 

Taking a break is as much for his benefit as it is for mine.  

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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