Holy Shit! Can you say overstimulation?

Holy Shit! Can you say overstimulation?

Lizze and the boys came home well after bedtime and my God were the boys wound up. Elliott and Emmett were bouncing off of everything, while Gavin was like a walking zombie, desperately wanting to go to bed.

Elliott was somewhat manageable but Emmett went from hyper to raging.

It was painfully obvious that while they had an amazing time, they were also completely overstimulated. Poor Emmett ended up having a massive meltdown a little bit after 10 PM and it was a doozy.

I don’t think he even understood why he was so upset. Mr. Elliott will usually try to help cheer him up, only to make things infinitely worse. Thankfully, Elliott stayed out of it for the most part and I give him credit for that.

Emmett was so out of sorts, every word that came out of his mouth was laced with disrespect and that’s not typically something he’s known for.

This is a perfect example of why we are so hesitant to go to these parties, regardless of where they are or what side of the family they are on. Everyone has a good time but all the excitement basically lights a fuse. At the end of the fuse is one of three kids who will inevitably end up explosively melting down, usually shortly after arriving home.

That’s what happened last night and that makes me nervous for what the rest of the holiday weekend has in store for us.

I already don’t feel well and I’d really like to keep things as calm and peaceful as possible. All we have left for the holiday is Lizze’s parents Christmas Eve and my family Christmas day. Perhaps we need to focus on limiting our time away from home for right now. Maybe a quality over quantity kind of approach?

Last night sucked for everyone within earshot and I’d really hate to have this continue through Christmas break. It’s really not fair to anyone, especially the kiddo having the meltdown.

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