My kids with #Autism are terrible when they’re sick lol

I hate when my kids are sick. I don’t like them having to go through that and they are really terrible sick kids. 

When I say really terrible sick kids, I mean they are miserable and make everyone around them miserable. I’m talking super cranky, very difficult and quite prone to massive meltdowns. 

Having said that, it’s not their fault and my heart goes out to them. I provide them with every comfort I can but that doesn’t mean they don’t still drive me crazy. 

I’m pretty frustrated with my whiny, bickering and disagreeable sick kiddos today. Lol

Sensory issues are ramped up and they are so sensitive to absolutely everything. I give them patience, until I’m almost out and ready to run off and join the circus. 

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It doesn’t help that I’ve been up with them for the last few nights, making me super grumpy. I’m hoping tonight that Lizze will take the couch with whoever ends up down stairs, and I can get a decent night’s sleep for the first time in a few days. 

I’ve said this a few times before but kids with special needs, should be exempt from ever getting sick. They already deal with enough as it is.. Not to mention that, as parents to these kids, we probably can’t take a great deal more… 😁