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An exhausting day full of #Autism and chaos

I have lived through a day that was full of Autism. That shouldn’t be surprising, as all three of the boys, and probably the wife, is on the spectrum.  Here’s the thing.  We can get through days sometimes, and while challenging, there wasn’t really anything that made the word Autism… Read more »

Stir crazy, frustrated, and overwhelmed describes the day

It’s the day before payday and we need to get a lot of things done tomorrow. The boys are going stir crazy because we don’t have much gas to really go anywhere until tomorrow. I think what we’re going to do is get everyone to the park and let them… Read more »

(Poll) Has being an #Autism parent had an impact on your physical or emotional health?

Today’s Autism Poll asks a very important question, has being an Autism parent had an impact on your physical or emotional health? Before answering this question, it’s important to that this isn’t a reflection on your child. We are simply talking about the long-term impact of stress. It’s a fact… Read more »

Does it take more than 1 night? 

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We have absolutely nothing on the agenda for today. It’s already been a really long week, and a slow day would be much appreciated.  I did end up going to bed around 10 pm last night, and that was awesome. My goal is to try and get my sleep cycle… Read more »

Heartbreak is absolutely crushing me tonight

The boys and I had therapy tonight with Dr. Pattie. While I typically enjoy these family sessions, tonight’s was a little rough for me. Tonight, Gavin unloaded a string of mission debriefings.  I know how much he likes telling us all about the missions he goes on with his invisible… Read more »

Why I’m optimistic and feeling positive 

Lizze is off to class and the boys are upstairs. Gavin’s sleeping off his morning medications, and I’m getting some work done. I’m feeling really optimistic because I had a meeting this morning about a new ads set up that will help to increase our income. Last night, I got… Read more »

Patience isn’t easy but patience is key 

That didn’t work out so well. Turns out, Elliott didn’t want to go for the walk anymore. He’s in a mood this morning. Elliott’s disposition is a mix of Autism, Anxiety, ADHD, depression, and some good old fashioned preteen angst.  While overall, his actions are heavily influenced by the many… Read more »

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