Heartbreak is absolutely crushing me tonight

The boys and I had therapy tonight with Dr. Pattie. While I typically enjoy these family sessions, tonight’s was a little rough for me.

Tonight, Gavin unloaded a string of mission debriefings. 

I know how much he likes telling us all about the missions he goes on with his invisible friends, and I would rather hear about it than not, but it sucks.

This is from our appointment tonight. Gavin was anxiously pacing as he’s telling us all about his adventures.

It sucks because it’s crystal clear in those moments, that Gavin is not okay.

It sucks because it shows that he’s still seeing things that aren’t there. He still believes that he’s a superhero, who’s fighting intergalactic battles, against evil villains.

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Tonight he went on about three of his latest missions. I’ll just list the bullet points:

  1. Snatchers
  2. Elements of Harmony
  3. Telepathically entering Twilight’s mind
  4. Disections
  5. Sword fights
  6. Gun battles
  7. Magic bracelets
  8. Broken bones

This list isn’t even complete. He went on and on for what seemed like forever. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to witness, and very difficult to put into enough context to truly help you understand.

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