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Heartbreak: We learned more about Gavin’s condition today

We spent some time today, learning more about Gavin’s current condition and it truly is heartbreaking


It’s frustrating and heartbreaking to see Gavin go through this

As parents to special needs children, we experience many challenges and joys. Unfortunately, we also know far more than our fair share of heartbreak as well. This is one such time for my family


How my 7 year old with #Autism broke my heart

“…….I had no idea when we left for school, I would get a glimpse of what he’s feeling. I’m heartbroken but I’m also so proud of him for finding a way to connect to his feelings and share it in such a beautiful way…”


Life is so heartbreaking at times

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Buffer18 Share9 +19 Pin2 Reddit Tweet ShareShares 38We met with Dr. Pattie for therapy again today. Our main focus is on trying to help the boys stabilize after everything with… Read more »