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@VivintHome is giving away 4 free SmartHome systems in honor of #Autism Awareness month

I wanted to take a second and share something really amazing that my good friends at Vivint Home are doing in honor of Autism Awareness month. They’re giving away four (4) free SmartHome systems in the month of April. (see below for details) I’ve spoken about this countless times before…. Read more »

Shipping the kids off tonight

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The boys has a meds check this morning at their pediatrician. They were a bit of a handful but considering we were there for a total of two hours, I think they actually did quite awesome. ☺ Everything checks out with the boys and meds were refilled. Both Elliott and… Read more »

It was a hellacious day but filled with small blessings

Yesterday was a complete disaster but still managed to have some high points and things I’m grateful for. The day began like any other, with appointments to be at. This time it was the oral surgeon for Lizze. She needed to have two teeth pulled and this was simply supposed… Read more »

 Fake News – How To Spot it!

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Fake news is a real problem and it is flooding the internet. How many times do people read news headlines and then click share, only to discover later that if they had read the article carefully they would have spotted that the news is fake and if not fake, extremely out of date.

NEVER judge an #Autism parent and here’s why

I’m exhausted all the time and what sleep I do get is overshadowed by nightmares. I’m terrified of the future and I don’t think a day goes by that I’m not worried about what would happen to my kids if something happened to me.

This is the current view from my front window

This is the current view from my front window Thought I would share my literal point of view right now. This is what I see as I look out my front window. Nothing spectacular but it’s sometimes interesting to see life from someone else’s perspective. ☺

It’s still dark and gloomy out at the moment

It’s still dark and gloomy out at the moment Snapped this and it’s a little depressing to see how dark and gloomy things are still. Life is beginning to reclaim everything once again but Spring has a great deal of catching up to do…

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