I surprised the kids today

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The boys have had a rough week and I wanted to do something nice with them. Lizze wasn’t feeling well, so she stayed behind to get some rest. The boys and I ran a few errands before I decided to surprise them with Cici’s Pizza for dinner.

Cici’s Pizza is pretty affordable, especially on limited funds.

I just thought that they were a huge help today and really helped after I went grocery shopping. They brought in the groceries and helped me put them away.

We ended up at Cici’s Pizza and the boys loved it. We had a full Cici’s punch card so it was insanely cheap.

While we all missed Lizze, she needed her rest.

The boys did well while we were their and I’m really prod of them for that. Like I said, it’s been a rough week for them and I think they really needed it.

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