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At Hibi, we’re on a mission to ensure that every family caring for a child has the support they need. I’m Sam, a cofounder at Hibi, living in London in the UK. I grew up with family and friends caring for children, including my mum who is an occupational therapist. I’ve worked for years for a charity in London supporting children with developmental conditions, particularly autism.

What I was seeing was that behind every child, there is a family at home working to manage, coordinate and navigate care. Parents have to manage, store & share huge amounts of information, including medications, documents, appointments, symptoms and more. They also have to navigate a fragmented system split across health, education and social care organisations. The result is an experience that can be overwhelming, isolating and complex.

I wondered if there was a way something could be built to help equip families, as I was hearing that the experience for most families today was one where they felt lost about what to do next, with few tools or resources to guide them.

So, at Hibi, we began building an app specifically for parents and carers of children with additional needs. We designed Hibi with families and care professionals from across the world, holding dozens of workshops and interviewing hundreds of individuals. We’re now so excited to now release our app.

Our app provides families with:

  • Care management tools – to store, track and share care information across your team.
  • Personalised guidance – tailored content to support you in understanding and navigate the complex health, education and social care systems.

We know how many people are involved in the care of a child with additional needs, including family, friends, and professionals. That’s why we’ve designed Hibi to be collaborative – you can invite others to the platform so you can all be on the same page with a shared understanding of your child and their care.

Co-design with families and professionals has been at the centre of building Hibi from the start. We’d love you try out Hibi for free and let us know any thoughts and feedback you have. You can find us on both the Apple and Android app stores.

To build something that can help as many families as possible, we want to learn from as many families as possible. So please do get in touch and share what we’re doing with other families and care organisations in your network. We always appreciate it.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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