Even baby steps are steps forward -

Even baby steps are steps forward

It was a rough night. Emmett had nightmares throughout the entire night and kept waking up. I’m exhausted and we ended up oversleeping as a result.

To make things worse, I was so overwhelmed last night that I forgot to bake a new batch of pepperoni rolls for their lunches. Thankfully, Elliott and Emmett both decided to have leftover pizza in their lunch instead. I’m pretty sure they took pitty on me and while I appreciate that, I’m hoping they actually eat their lunch today.

We got out the door a few minutes early because I needed to talk to the school and clarify how we were going to handle the boys when they were distressed while at school. I made sure the boys were present so everyone was on the same page.

Coming home is still an option but it’s the very last option on the list.

There are things that will be offered inside the classroom to provide them with a break or to help them work through the difficult moments. That’s the first line of defense, so to speak.

The next line of defense will be hanging out with the office staff and talking through what’s upsetting them. There are several people in the office and all of them are trustworthy. I’ve been friends with the secretary since Gavin was in 1st grade. She knows the boys very well and is their goto if they need to talk.

The last resort will be calling me to come pick them up. It’s still an option if need be but we’re hoping that they will be able to work through it with the resources and supports, we’ve established. I’m not looking for perfection but I am aiming for forward movement. Even baby steps are steps forward.

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