UPDATE: A little bit about the neuropsychological testing and how things are going so far

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I don’t know if you’re familiar with neuropsych testing, but here it is in a nutshell.

According to my friends at the Cleveland Clinic, “a neuropsychological evaluation is a test to measure how well a person’s brain is working. The abilities tested include reading, speaking, understanding, paying attention, and remembering.

We’ve been here for about four hours so far, and I filled out paperwork when we first got here. Then there was a lengthy interview process with tons of more targeted questions. Gavin isn’t able to really answer the kinds of questions being asked, but he was able to rattle off needed dates for a few things like it was nobody’s business . 👍

Gavin was very preoccupied with having not eaten lunch, and the doctor said I could bring him lunch if I wanted to. I knew the only way he’d move forward is if he ate.

Once the lunch situation was addressed, I sat down in the super uncomfortable chairs to begin my lengthy wait.

It wasn’t too long before they came out with more paperwork. This was an evaluation booklet and you answer in sometimes, often, never, or don’t know.

I hate these types of questions because Gavin is more complicated, and there isn’t always a straightforward answer that fits. In fact, there are many times where there isn’t a straightforward answer that fits.

This took a good bit of time to finish, and I had to circle the I have questions about this question option on more than one occasion.

I’m really tired, and by the time we get out of here, traffic is going to be a f*cking nightmare.

Also, on a side note and just to make my day a bit better. I was scratching my head and realized that there’s a large strip of hair that I missed when I shaved my head the other day. A huge thanks to my family for not telling me about that.. 👍😉

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