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If #depression was a voice it’d be the loudest voice I can hear right now

I’m in a weird place this morning. I’m not feeling very hopeful about life at the moment. I know that’s mostly depression talking but it’s talking over many other things in my life. I don’t know if that makes sense? I’m saying that if depression was a voice it’d be the loudest voice I can …

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I feel so lost right now

I’m not having a good day today. I’m feeling enormously overwhelmed by everything in my life, and I honestly don’t know how much more I can take. The things going on in this country are not okay. The things going on in my neighborhood are not okay. It’s all so infuriating, overwhelming, and impossible for …

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What #Depression is like for me as an #Autism and #SpecialNeeds parent but also as a human being

If Depression had its way, I’d spend every waking minute, of every single day, thinking of ways to end my life.

#Depression makes it worse

As the day has gone on, my stress level has steadily increased. The boys are in bed and sleeping. They need their rest after a long day. Lizze and I are watching Jack Ryan on Amazon but I think I’m done for the night. My stress level is at a point where my left eye …

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A MASSIVE and IMPORTANT Update for the last couple of days

Hey folks. It’s been a couple days since I’ve written anything other than an update on my tumultuous relationship with Paxil and there’s a good reason for that. That good reason is, I’m fucking miserable. I’m anxious, stressed, emotional, not sleeping, nauseated and freaking out. None of this is really new information because it’s the …

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This is what withdrawing from #Paxil is doing to me

I wanted to touch base and let you guys know where I’ve been. Since last Thursday, I’ve been really, really struggling both physically and emotionally. I was doing pretty good, or so I thought. For most of the last 90 days or so, I was going okay. I would feel changes each time my dose …

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