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Living with #Depression is a war, not just a battle

I wanted to take a few minutes and share what I consider to be a major milestone in how I’m managing my Depression. Depression has been a part of my life since my early teens and will likely be an indefinite part of my life. While Depression is a consistent part of my mental and …

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Depression Confessions: 2 weeks into withdrawaling from #Paxil

Depression Confessions exists to help facilitate an open and honest about how depression impacts my life. Depression is different for everyone but there are still many common threads and we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it. I’ve been talking about my ongoing war with depression for many years now and it’s a liberating experience. …

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Depression Confession: Week 1 of Paxil withdrawal

It’s officially the beginning of the second week of withdrawal from Paxil. What I’ve been doing is taking 40 mg/day on one day and then 20 mg/day on the next. I’ve completed the first week of this four week phase and it fucking sucked. You’d think I was withdrawaling from something hardcore and illegal but …

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Depression Confessions: Withdrawaling from #Paxil is a bitch

I’m going to focus on the depression side of my doctor’s appointment this morning and dedicate a second post to the issues with my back. I mentioned in previous Depression Confessions posts, that after much thought and discussion, I’ve decided to begin the process of withdrawaling from the antidepressants I’ve been on for many, many …

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#Depression Confession: I spoke with my doctor today

I’ve had a pretty awesome day so far. The boys got off to school without an issue and back is healing up pretty well. Most of the pain is gone and I have to thank Lizze for taking such good care of me. ☺ I didn’t sleep well last night because I was really stuffy …

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Depression Confessions: A very personal post about managing #Depression

Today was one of those days where I seriously need a break. The holidays alone are a tremendous amount of pressure. There’s parties and family get togethers that really add pressure to the cooker. If we go, the kids are going to be even more difficult to manage but if we don’t go, not everyone …

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