What #Depression is like for me as an #Autism and #SpecialNeeds parent but also as a human being

What #Depression is like for me as an #Autism and #SpecialNeeds parent but also as a human being

It’s been a little while since I’ve spoken about Depression. Depression has been an uninvited and unwanted guest in my life for far too long. I think it first began when I was a teenager and maybe a little eariler than that. There were triggering events in my childhood that have recently resurfaced, creating chaos in my life.

What I wanted to do was talk about how Depression impacts me as a human and how it effects my ability to function as a husband and an Autism/Special Needs parent.

If you’re looking for the cliff notes, I can sum it up in two words. Depression has a catastrophic impact on my life. It just does.

There are literally countless ways that Depression impacts my daily life.

For me personally, Depression is like a third hand grabbing the steering wheel while I’m driving and it’s not there to help make sure I’m driving safely. All it wants to do force me off the road and head on into a fucking tree.

If Depression had its way, I’d never take a shower or for that matter, even get out of bed. I’d yell at my kids for things that don’t matter and I’d retreat into complete isolation whenever I could. I’d avoid contact with all the people in my life and not even answer the phone if it rang.

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My 21 year old autistic son is going through the same thing. I am worried and trying to help. Can y… https://t.co/ybREYoMLHb


Rob, you’re so brave. If I was feeling that bad I’d add more drugs to my life! But hopefully the setback is temporary and you will feel better soon.


This is such a great description of life with depression. I live with these same struggles. Keep go… https://t.co/SVUDL6EYzp


Thanks for sharing, you are doing a great job as a father, writer and human being! ❤

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