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I’ve really struggled today enlight of all Monday’s bad news

Pin2 Share2 Reddit Buffer Tweet +1 ShareShares 4I tried to write yesterday but I just wasn’t in a place to express myself in wisely chosen words.  For that matter, I’ve… Read more »


A big change in the way we deal with medications 

Buffer7 Share1 Tweet1 +11 Reddit Share PinShares 10It’s taken almost three months but I’m so excited that Gavin’s medications have become so much easier to deal with. Gavin’s on quite… Read more »


Progress has been made on the medication management front 

Pin2 +11 Share Reddit Tweet Share BufferShares 3So I’ve mentioned before that we had switched to a new pharmacy because of all the problems we’ve had with Walgreens.  This new… Read more »


I’m freaking out over my kids medications

With Special Needs children, medications can be very difficult to manage, especially if there’s a lot of them. This is how we’re handling it….


Simplifying the way my family deals with medications

“Gone are the days of dosing out meds manually. I never had a problem doing that but it was a pain in the ass, especially with Gavin’s medications.”


This is why I often choose not to give my kids their afternoon dose of #ADHD meds

Managing the medications of kids with special needs isn’t easy. Here’s why I don’t always give my kids their afternoon dose of ADHD meds…


I’ve learned a valuable lesson from our latest medication fiasco

Here’s how I resolved our latest medication fiasco. It’s a bit less convenient but it will guarantee the boys have their meds when they need them.