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There’s way too much shit to worry about as a special needs parent

I’ve been playing a very frustrating game of phone tag with the pharmacy this afternoon. I need to make sure they either look out for a fax from the lab or call and have it faxed over because Gavin needs his refill tomorrow. I cannot stress enough that Clozapine is… Read more »

The other shoe just dropped

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Anytime we get even a tiny bit of good news, deep down inside, we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. There were three things that I needed to go well today. One was Gavin’s lab work, another was Ruby’s appointment and finally resolving whatever is causing problems with his… Read more »

Why is this so fucking complicated?

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The goddamn pharmacy didn’t get Gavin’s Clozapine filled in time for the second week in a row. This is very time sensitive and it’s in a set schedule. Gavin gets his bloodwork done on Monday or Tuesday and they pull the labs Tuesday afternoon. The script gets filled and delivered… Read more »

A major milestone and why it’s so important

We began the new year with yet another IVIG Infusion for Gavin. He needs these twice a week because his immune system is severely compromised. These infusions literally keep him from succumbing to things that most people’s bodies will fighting off without them even knowing. This is a very serious,… Read more »

We had a really close call

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Yesterday afternoon, we realized that there was a problem with Gavin’s Clozapine prescription. The problem was that we never received it. Last month, for whatever reason, the pharmacy didn’t include the Clozapine in his predosed packets. Instead, they sent it out separately. Not a big deal.. Unfortunately, there was a… Read more »

I’ve officially hit withdrawal symptoms

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As of this afternoon, my body has officially noticed that there’s not as much Paxil in my system as it’s been used to having for the 5 or 6 years. Not only has it noticed, but it’s not very happy about it. Paxil takes about 4.5 days to leave your… Read more »

Depression Confessions: Withdrawaling from #Paxil is a bitch

I’m going to focus on the depression side of my doctor’s appointment this morning and dedicate a second post to the issues with my back. I mentioned in previous Depression Confessions posts, that after much thought and discussion, I’ve decided to begin the process of withdrawaling from the antidepressants I’ve… Read more »

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