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We’re starting 2 new medications with hopes that they’ll help

We had an eventful day and I’m fucking exhausted. The boys had their appointments this afternoon at Akron Children’s Hospital. The appointments went pretty well. Right now, we’re trying to deal with the excessive anxiety and sleep disruption both the boys are experiencing since their mom left earlier this summer. It’s very difficult to tease …

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This is a f*cking nightmare every week

It’s Sunday, and we still have not been able to get Gavin’s Clozapine refill. He has his bloodwork done every Wednesday morning, but the pharmacy either doesn’t check for the labs, or they aren’t sent to them in the first place. We end up waiting and waiting for the refill to come in. I set …

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We’re missing a critical delivery

Alright, so we have another little problem. With all the craziness going on in regards to Gavin’s detachment from reality, we overlooked that Gavin’s IVIG infusion supplies haven’t arrived yet. This is not a huge deal at this point, but we’ve been having issues with nationwide shortages of his IVIG medications recently. We’ve had to …

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The hallucinations may be getting worse

Gavin’s becoming more and more involved in his imaginary worlds. I don’t know if he’s having more hallucinations or if he’s more vocal about them. We don’t know what’s what right now. He’s officially off the Clozapine, and the half-life is pretty short, so it’s moving its way out of his system. While this potential …

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Major medication changes and the impact they have on my family

I’ve got a laundry list of medication related updates for you all tonight. We’re going to briefly talk about myself, Lizze and Gavin because we’ve all had very recent changes to medication. Me It makes sense to begin with me, as I’m pretty straightforward. As I mentioned just prior to my oral surgery a little …

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There’s way too much shit to worry about as a special needs parent

I’ve been playing a very frustrating game of phone tag with the pharmacy this afternoon. I need to make sure they either look out for a fax from the lab or call and have it faxed over because Gavin needs his refill tomorrow. I cannot stress enough that Clozapine is the most tightly controlled medication …

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