A little insight into Gavin’s medications

Medications are second nature to my family. We never rush to them but sometimes they play a vital role in helping to stay healthy and increase quality of life.  

I know not everyone is comfortable putting their child on meds but my wife and I decided long ago that it wasn’t about what mad eus feel comfortable.… Read More

I’ve really struggled today enlight of all Monday’s bad news

I tried to write yesterday but I just wasn’t in a place to express myself in wisely chosen words.  For that matter, I’ve not been able to really string to coherent thoughts together.  

I know many people are wondering what’s going on but I needed time to process everything. 

Let me just confirm that we began the journey of increasing Gavin’s Clozapine yesterday.… Read More

Progress has been made on the medication management front 

So I’ve mentioned before that we had switched to a new pharmacy because of all the problems we’ve had with Walgreens.  This new pharmacy can prepackage medications into daily doses and that eliminates the need to put meds together manually.  

The first month we used this service, it was pretty rough because the meds were not correctly divided or weren’t included because of refill dates.… Read More

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