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It’s just the 2 of us

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Lizze is staying home with Elliott tonight cause he’s not been feeling well. Emmett and I are off to see Dr. Pattie. I left Gavin at home because honestly, I… Read more »

Why family therapy is important, especially for special needs families

One of the reasons we have maintained family therapy for all this time is because it’s so easy to overlook things when it comes to the emotional health of our… Read more »

Family therapy just took a heartbreaking and unexpected turn

Family therapy has become a routine thing for my family. It’s important that we stay ahead of anything that’s going on and ensure that the kids are getting what they… Read more »

Tuesday is family therapy night for this #Autism family

Tuesday is family therapy night for this family Every Tuesday night we have family therapy. It’s more for the kids, but it’s evolved into more of a family therapy session…. Read more »

Here’s what a family therapy session looks like for myself and the boys

Today was a mishmash of many different things.  All the therapies from today were canceled as a result of Emmett’s fever.  Dr. Pattie is a bit different, and so we… Read more »