Here’s what a family therapy session looks like for myself and the boys

Today was a mishmash of many different things.  All the therapies from today we’re canceled as a result of Emmett’s fever.  Dr. Pattie is a bit different and so we made it to that. She’s known Emmett since before he was born and understands about the fevers.

I suppose the main focus for this post will be on the therapy session with Dr. Pattie.

I has occurred to me that in all the years I’ve been writing, I’ve never really talked about what actually happens during on of these therapy sessions.  Frankly, we’ve been going every week since before or Emmett was born and so it’s become just one of those things I rarely think much about because I’m so used to it.

When the boys and I arrive, we usually do so about 15 minutes early because they like their and the waiting room.

Emmett usually plays with toys, Elliott does the same and likes to read the magazines.

When Dr. Pattie comes out to get us, you can see the boys get excited because they love her.  I don’t use the word love lightly either.  They absolutely adore Dr. Pattie and in many ways, they see her as an extension of our .

The boys will go to the snack room and get their snacks before we all head downstairs to the giant playroom.

Gavin will claim his usual chair and typically digs into this giant castle toy while Elliott and Emmett play whatever they feel like playing that day.

Dr. Pattie and I will sit at this table on the far side of the room and talk about how the previous week has gone, what I’ve noticed, problems I’ve had with the boys or anything else that’s related to taking care of them.

The boys will play together or come and talk to us at the table.

Is relatively informal and very routine because the boys are very comfortable in that environment and they are more likely to open up about things when they feel safe. It really is ideal setup for them..

Tonight we talked about Emmett.

Last Wednesday, Dr. Pattie and I were discussing the role that music plays in the boys lives.  She wanted to get the boys to pick out songs that describe how they are feeling. That’s easier said than done with kids on the , so we were brainstorming.

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