This was very last minute

This was very last minute

Elliott is sick. Emmett and Gavin are in Y-Town visiting my grandmother. Them going in the trip was sorta last minute but we figured it would do them some good to get out of the house and we could use the break. ☺

I sent Lizze to take a nice long, guilt free nap, and I hung out with Elliott. We ordered her favorite pizza for dinner and will be endulging on that as soon as it arrives.

Things are tight right now but we got Lizze a Google Play gift card and a stuffed penguin for Mother’s Day. She’s never really been a huge flowers person, so this stuff was perfect.

The kids won’t be home for a few hours and the three of us will just hang out until then. I think Elliott wants to go to the park but he’s definitely sick. He says he’s feeling better and perhaps some fresh air and light Pokémon hunting would do him some good.. ☺

For now, we’re waiting on dinner and going to enjoy the quiet…☺

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