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Special Needs Parenting Challenges: Is it a fever flare or illness?

Emmett’s fever cycles seem to be back with a vengeance.. This is so hard to manage because there’s literally nothing I can do and he can’t go to school or therapies… Here’s what’s going on, as well as a brief history of pictured from over the years, documenting the symptoms…

Emmett just lost his second tooth :)

Emmett came home from school this afternoon and had a really loose tooth. He had shown me before school but he must have been playing with it all day because it was just barely hanging on. Shortly before dinner, he wiggled it clean out. He was so excited because it was sore and made it …

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MUST SEE: 32 Inspiring Autism Related Quotes and Memes

With Autism Awareness month approaching, I wanted to share a collection of Autism related quotes and memes…  I created these with the intention of them being shared, so please feel free to do so.  The quotes and memes have been very popular over the last year or so but until now have been spread all …

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20 Never Before Seen Pictures of The Daily Life of An Autism Family

I wanted to provide further insight into the daily life of an Autism family by sharing pictures that I’ve never shared before.  These are taken from a multitude of average days. They range from doctors appointments, school achievements and public outings to simply goofing around at home. What this shows is that Autism families are …

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CHECK OUT THE PICTURES: Have you ever wondered what happens in occupational and physical therapies for kids with #Autism?

You always hear about things like occupational and/or physical therapies for kids with Autism but do you know what happens in these therapies? Check out the pictures below and see just how awesome it is. ShareTweetSharePinShareRedditMore

Check out the pictures from our trip today

I’m really trying to normalize our life. It’s not easy because there’s really nothing normal about our life. LOL Today, I took the kids to the park because I wanted to take advantage of the weather, as well as get them away from their tablets, TV and video games. My goal is not to eliminate …

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25 pictures you’ve probably never seen of my Autism family

25 pictures of my Autism family from over the years. Check it out and see my amazing kids with #Autism…. ☺